Microsoft Office 365/2016

Office 2016 and Office 365 is the newest version of the Microsoft’s productivity suite, calling it “the biggest, most ambitious Office” to date. The new version of Office includes integration with online services such as Facebook, Flickr, SkyDrive, and YouTube.

Office 365 online-desktop subscription service is now also available to users. If you sign up for Office 365 Home Premium, you can install Office 2016 on up to five PCs, plus you get 60 minutes of Skype calling minutes and an extra 20GB of online SkyDrive storage. The Office 365 Home Premium bundle includes Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word 2013. Office 365 subscribers will also be able to use a feature called Office on Demand that can “stream” a virtualized version of Office to a PC; when you’re finished working, the program disappears from the computer, but your files remain wherever you saved them.

If the ‘cloud based’ Office 365 subscription doesn’t interest you, regular boxed versions of Office 2013 is also available.

The revamped Office takes advantage of cloud computing and is designed for use with the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. It makes use of cloud computing by storing documents and settings on the Internet by default, and is compatible with touch screens widely used in tablets.

The software package is now integrated with Skype, the voice-over-IP service that lets users collaborate on documents through video conferences. The world’s largest software company is slowly adapting to a boom in mobile devices and cloud computing.

Documents in the sleeker-looking Office can be marked up by writing on a touch screen with a stylus. The suite is compatible with tablets that use Windows 10.

Microsoft Office is now the 16th version of MS Office. Microsoft Windows is one of the world’s biggest computing platforms, and the Office applications — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other tools — are used by more than 1 billion people around the world. The company last updated Office in 2010, when it incorporated online versions for the first time.

Cloud computing refers to a growing trend toward providing software, storage and other services from remote data centers over the Web instead of relying on software or data installed on individual PCs. While past versions of Office saved documents on PCs’ hard drives, the new Office uses Microsoft’s online “Skydrive” service for default storage. Documents can be shared on Facebook or published as blogs.