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Sync your e-mail.  Sync your contacts.  Sync your calendar.  Sync your to-do list.  Sync your tasks. Sync your music.  Sync your photos.  Sync your files (including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, PDF, and other important documents such as Quicken/QuickBooks).

Sync your…LIFE and eliminate the unnecessary stress in trying to manage all these files on multiple computing devices.  Make a change on either your iPhone, laptop, PC desktop, tablet, notebook, or other computing device…and watch all the changes auto sync across all devices automatically.  No pain, no fuss, no worries.  The cloud does all the work so you can sit back and take advantage of this new technology that can help make your life easier to live — and manage.

Cloud computing technology is here.  Are you ready for the next paradigm shift on how we consume information and use the power of the internet?  Keep your eyes and ears open.  You will soon see, hear, and even explore new buzz words, articles, news, commercials, and other media  related to this cloud computing platform.

We can even help you setup your own private cloud using your own domain name.  Don’t have a domain name?  No problem.  We can help you set that up too – along with advanced email services such as Microsoft Outlook powered by Microsoft Hosted Exchange Service.  Realize the enormous benefits without investing in the expensive hardware or software.  The hosted exchange service even comes with a free web based portal that you can access from most devices that is equipped with internet access.

We can also help answer any questions and concerns you may have about your existing data backup system.  Do you wonder if your current backup system even works? When was the last time you’ve tested the backup system to determine if the backups were valid and not corrupted?  Now may be a good time to look into remote network based backup systems using data farms from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard.  Backup your digital information at redundant data centers that are located off your physical business premises. This remote backup service on redundant data centers may prove to be valuable in case of fire, theft, or loss of your primary server and other computer workstations.

To learn more about cloud computing technology, call today.  Evaluate your business risk and discover untapped opportunities by utilizing cloud computing tools.  This new technology may help you enhance efficiency and increase productivity by allocating resources where it’s needed –  anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

If you have questions about cloud computing, we may have your answers.  Let us help you explore and identify your computing needs and match them with cost effective cloud solutions.